Meet our Musicians
Ryan Huang sitting at his piano.

Ryan Huang

Ryan Huang, 12 years old, is a scholar student in the Phil and Eli Taylor Academy under Dr. Michael Berkovsky. He has studied piano with Dr. Olga Chichova since the age of 6.

At such a young age, Ryan has already performed with numerous orchestras around the world, including, Moscow Philharmonic Orchestra (Russia); with Vienna Opera Ball Orchestra (Austria); Wuhan Philharmonic Orchestra (China); Newfoundland Symphony Orchestra (Canada); The Royal Conservatory Orchestra (Canada); Burlington New Millennium Orchestra (Canada); Cathedral Bluffs Symphony Orchestra (Canada); Tarnow Chamber Orchestra (Poland); T.I.M.M Chamber Orchestra (Italy).

Ryan is enthusiastic about performing. He performed in Isaac Stern Auditorium (main hall) at Carnegie Hall in New York City every year before Covid. In July 2019, Ryan was invited by SMG (Shanghai Media Group) to play his first full length solo concert ‘Sounds of Summer by Ryan Huang’ in the prestigious Shanghai Symphony Hall. The tickets were sold out within three days.

Previously he has been interviewed as a music prodigy by many medias such as CBC News, PBS, RTR (Russian Television and Radio), Poland National TV, Cogeco, Your TV, Phoenix TV, Oakville News, Magazine ‘Neighbours’. etc.

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